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Great Homes Happen By Design


Artfully Designed - Modern Prefab Homes - Nationwide

Luxury Designed

Stillwater Dwellings is an exclusive architectural firm specializing in high-end prefabricated homes that have been artfully designed and expertly crafted by our LEED certified architects. We believe designing and building a high-end home should be more accessible and more sustainable. We've combined premium materials, finishes and craftsmanship with an intelligent, systemized approach.

Beautiful In Simplicity

Grounded in the aesthetics of the historic architects of modern, mid-century design, Stillwater homes seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living with a generous use of glass, high ceilings and architectural detailing that provides volume and dramatic spaces. Our signature standing seam butterfly roof, dramatic entry canopy and spine & wing design are an integral part of our modern home design aesthetic.

Customized To Your Taste

Building a new home is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should reflect your unique needs and sensibilities. We are one of the only prefabricated design companies established as an architectural firm. Our architectural team has developed over 40 floor plans from which to choose and modify, as well as three customizable finish packages. We've made building a new home easier and faster.


Take A Tour

Built around exceptional design, unmatched personal service and efficient, prefabricated processes. Experience this modern Stillwater home through our 3D tour.


Learn About Stillwater's Prefabricated Designs and Building Systems and Why They Are Becoming The Building Method of Choice

The term “prefabricated home” or “prefab” refers to a home in which sections have been built in a factory and then shipped and assembled on site. Discover the benefits of building a home using Stillwater's panelized systems approach. Read more about advantages of Stillwater's panelized, prefabricated homes, how they differ from modular homes.

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For more inspiration about building your new home and customization options, order or download a copy of the Stillwater Planning Guide.  

Read about how we are different and why we've become preferred over standard methods of custom home design and building. Learn about the sustainability of panelized prefab homes and discover more details about how you can modify our floor plans to meet your needs and wishes.


We'll tell you what to do next and what you can expect, step by step, working with us.

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Stillwater Dwellings in Hawaii 

This unique Stillwater home has been custom designed to capture the beautiful 360 degree surrounding views. Where luxury meets sustainability, this home is planned to be completely off-grid and is scheduled for completion soon. Stay tuned for photos!

We're excited to have so many new upcoming projects across many locations including; Malibu, Sonoma, Hollywood Hills, Santa Rosa, Seattle, Portland, Hawaii, and many, many more. Below are just a couple in the works.

Building On A Slope

We're often asked if we can build on a slope. Our panelized system makes almost any site accessible to build a Stillwater home. Stillwater architects can make customizations to our standard prefab designs to take advantage of the slope and view. Or, you can build a completely custom home with our architects based on our Stillwater system.