As with any major purchase, it pays to do your homework when evaluating prefab home companies. No two are the same, and processes and service levels vary widely. It’s important to choose a prefab design firm to match your preferences, from home design and customization to communication and the level of service throughout construction and move-in.

1. Home Design

Many prefab companies design for a particular aesthetic or style, so it’s important your choice of aligns with your taste and preferences.

2. Experience

Leadership, architectural, and engineering teams should have a command of their respective fields with proven backgrounds building on your land’s specific terrain.

3. Customer Service

Do you feel heard and are your needs and questions addressed? Communication and responsiveness should meet or exceed your expectations to ensure a stress-free experience.

4. Quality

When evaluating prefab companies, pay special attention to the materials and methods they use in home construction. If you can, visit or even stay in a home to experience the quality firsthand.

5. Price

As with traditionally built homes, pricing can fluctuate in prefab design and construction. Sometimes prices you may see on a website don’t account for a project’s total cost. Look for price transparency to avoid unexpected surprises.

6. Team Compatibility

Get an understanding of the synergy (or lack thereof) between the company’s internal team and various contractors. The quality of these relationships has a direct impact on your home’s quality.

7. Reputation

Learn about the experiences of past clients through recommendations and reviews. Ask lots of questions to make sure it’s a good fit.

8. Delivery Radius

Location matters and will affect your project’s shipping costs. The farther the production plant is from your home site, the higher the shipping costs will be.

9. Support Through the Final Build

Unlike Stillwater Dwellings, some prefab companies don’t offer clients the time and attention to see the build through to completion. If you prefer your prefab design team to stick around to assist and guide your general contractor as needed, be sure to ask if this service is included or available.

10. Ongoing Relationship After Build

When speaking with a prefab design company’s past clients, ask about the level of service received after move-in. Select a company that demonstrates pride of craftsmanship and interest in maintaining the client relationship after you get the keys.

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