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Connection Series

The Ultimate In Modern, Open Living

We’re pleased to introduce our new collection of systems-built homes that offer even more choices in addition to our sought-after, Signature Series styles. The Stillwater Connection Series is a selection of three ultra-modern homes in which the concept of yin and yang is celebrated, embraced, and enhanced to create a distinctive sense of place in tune with the physical world.

Desert, Coastal, and Mountain exteriors and interiors are designed to work in harmony with their respective landscapes and to establish a visceral connection between seemingly opposing polarities: inside and outside, private and shared places, and positive and negative space.

The collection’s physical and aesthetic design blurs the line between inside and outside, creating a unique feeling of unity while pushing the boundaries of the outdoor living concept. Materials, color palettes, orientations, and floor plans merge with and accentuate the surrounding environment, presenting a living experience that allows you to fully appreciate the natural area around you.

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Coastal Connection

Wall-height windows place you within the landscape and view. Open and airy floor plans create clear sight lines and establish connections throughout the interior. Thoughtful curation of exterior and interior materials establish synergy between the homes and the surrounding environment

Mountain Connection

Desert, Coastal, and Mountain homes are constructed with the finest wood, stone, metal, and glass and include striking natural design elements like green roofs. Interior design features including floors, counters, fixtures, and finishes seamlessly blend inside and outside. Each and every space is designed for balance, creating synergy between the home, the dweller, and the outdoors.

Desert Connection

Our Stillwater Connection Series is created with the same flexibility and advanced, state-of-the-art construction methods as our butterfly roof Signature Series. Each floor plan may be adapted to each model and architectural style, offering more choices than ever before. And our systems-built design and build process delivers the highest-quality home that’s sustainable and beautifully balances form and function.

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