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Understanding Costs

Every piece of land is unique, so the cost of developing it will vary depending on the location. 

The cost of labor can greatly affect pricing in home construction. In some areas, the cost of labor may be higher due to high local prices and the availability of workers.

Other factors that can affect the cost of the project, including the availability, size, and zoning of the land, local and state taxes, and the proximity to amenities.

County Land Price Map

Interact with our map to get a general sense of the differences inherent with building in given counties

Our Pricing Estimate

Stillwater Dwellings, Windsor CA Exterior

What's Included

• Stillwater Dwellings House

• Architect’s Fees

• Structural Engineering Fees

• Foundation Design

• Permit Coordination

• Prefabricated Components/ Hardware

• Estimated Builder's Costs

• Interior Finish Specifications


What Do I Save?

Our prefabricated homes can provide faster completion rates, fewer construction hours and reduced energy use and waste of materials. 

If you were to pay for a custom designed, stick built home of the same caliber, your costs could be 20-40% more.


When Do I Get A Quote?

Your total project cost (not including landscaping) will be provided to you at the beginning of your project.

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