Prospect & Refuge

A Stillwater Design Philosophy

At Stillwater Dwellings, we design your home to bring a balance to your lifestyle. We’ve learned that most people enjoy a mix of both excitement and escape within their homes. This concept is known as “Prospect and Refuge.”

The prospect can be defined as a feeling of anticipation or expectation. The environment is in a constant state of change; light, textures, and movement offer a new perspective at any given moment. Allowing the seamless connection to the outdoors through carefully planned windows and doors brings the opportunity for you to capture these visions of nature.

Refuge is thought of as a place of shelter, protection and safety. There are moments when you desire the comfort and relaxation of a private, safe space; a part of the home where you can curl up with a good book, or have a quiet moment of solitude. An escape to both recharge and relax is vital to healthy living. Every Stillwater home provides these places of refuge.

The balance of exposure and privacy are key to the design of a Stillwater home and bring a sense of harmony to the living space. It is this thoughtful approach that is well appreciated by our clients.

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