Making An Entrance

The Importance Of Front Entry Design

The importance of the front entry is often overlooked by those who are building a new home, but it’s an essential feature that should be designed with great care. The front entrance not only provides exterior appeal, but it is the main welcoming point for visitors and serves as the first impression. It’s also considered a very important feng shui feature. According to this design philosophy, the house absorbs energy and nourishment through the front door. When the home has good energy, the people who live there experience higher levels of well-being.

The Stillwater entry of a home is a transitional feature that provides a greater indoor/outdoor connection than traditional entries. Our high-end pivot glass door is impressively larger than a typical front door and is hinged approximately 12” from one edge. It allows light and air to enter the home through a spacious opening.

The high-performance hardware allows for smooth operation and can be adjusted in both traveling speed and closure speed allowing customization for each household.

This style of door also harmonizes perfectly with the universal design of a Stillwater home, with its extra wide entry providing an uncrowded, easy pass-through.

To top it off, the Stillwater signature, solid steel canopy graces every entry. It weighs in at an impressive 800+ lbs. yet seems to float effortlessly overhead providing a sleek, modern flare and shelter from the elements.

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