A Stillwater Home – More Than Meets The Eye

Updated: Apr 16

The Universal Design Approach

While most people are excited about the aesthetics of a Stillwater home, there is more to their design than meets the eye. An important consideration when building a home is the planning of its accessibility, useability and convenience both for today and for the future.

To achieve this, the Stillwater team approaches architecture with the universal design concept in mind. Universal design is not a design style or trend. Rather, it’s an approach to planning a home that allows for growth and changes over time. It is our belief that the home should be not only accessible throughout these life changes, but remain a place of comfort and ease. Large doors, open concepts, wide hallways and single level floor plans are just some of the universal design elements incorporated into our architecture that help to create homes that are safe, convenient and accessible regardless of physical ability or life stage.

The seven principles of universal design are:

  • Equitable Use

  • Flexibility In Use

  • Simple and Intuitive Use

  • Perceptible Information

  • Tolerance for Error

  • Low Physical Effort

  • Size and Space for Approach and Use

Our existing floor plans have already been designed to incorporate many of these principles and, for those clients who have specific needs, we are able to modify the designs as necessary.

Simply put, universal design is good design. And that is what Stillwater Dwellings is all about.

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