“One of the great beauties of architecture is that, each time it is like life starting all over again.” – Renzo Piano

Rebuilding California

As the anniversary of the October 2017 Northern California wildfires approaches, we want to take this opportunity to thank those who turned to us to help them rebuild the place they call home. We were honored to be entrusted with such great responsibility. Understanding the desire and sense of urgency our clients faced to return to some semblance of normal, we immediately brainstormed ways in which we could get them back into a new home as soon as possible.

Tapping into our archive of designs, we found several that would work well given that they had been pre-engineered to meet California’s strict code requirements and, these plans were easily adaptable to several sites on a fast-track timeline. We worked closely with local jurisdictions and expediters to get the new plans approved as quickly as possible.

We are so happy that the first of these rebuilds is already nearing completion and we’re eagerly awaiting the moment our clients step through the door and know they are home, again.

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