We’re excited to introduce Stillwater Building Systems, a new sister company of Stillwater Dwellings that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality prefab panels. Recognizing the increasing demand for skilled and responsive prefabricated manufacturers, Stillwater Dwellings Co-CEOs Kaveh Khatibloo and John Morgan created the company in April of this year to offer American-made precision wall panels and construction materials for valued clients in the residential and commercial design industries.

“We’re uniquely positioned in this industry to be able to anticipate the challenges and needs of a project from concept to completion. Many of our clients choose to engage Stillwater Building Systems early on in the process thus creating a better integration of the design, engineering and fabrication processes.” – Kaveh Khatibloo, Co-CEO

Based in Reno, Nevada, a talented and experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and construction offers clients a comprehensive and fully integrated skill set for a holistic perspective of the complexities and nuances of every build. State-of-the-art software technology streamlines engineering of each component during pre-production and has the ability to customize panels for actual job site and finish conditions for each home design. The benefits to Stillwater Dwellings clients cannot be overstated. The increased predictability that Stillwater Building Systems provides optimizes project costs, quality, assembly, and timelines that traditional site-built construction is unable to match.

The ability to approach and visualize each project from the design, engineering, and construction point of view early in the pre-production phase allows for more optimized framing models to produce a greener and more sustainable structure. Construction waste decreases to approximately one to two percent from the high of ten to twenty percent on a typical construction project. A project’s total embodied energy is also considerably reduced.

Stillwater Building Systems is a reflection of the leadership team’s commitment to offering Stillwater Dwellings clients a prefab design and building experience based on mutual partnership and a shared vision.

“What sets Stillwater Building Systems apart is our industry expertise and our dedication for serving our customers’ needs by building trust through our uncompromising commitment toward their success,” said Co-CEO John Morgan.

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