One of the biggest misconceptions about prefab home construction is that it’s of inferior quality to traditional site-built homes. It’s easy to understand why—for many people, the idea of a home partially built in a production facility calls up images of manufactured housing and mobile home parks that have seen their day. The reality is that prefab construction – where framing panels are produced in an off-site facility and shipped for assembly on-site – can result in a home with better construction and efficiencies than most anything that can be built using traditional methods.

Precision engineering and construction

Our advanced 3D modeling software optimizes panel construction to be uniquely engineered for each architectural plan. Saws equipped with MiTek technology produce precision cuts so seams and joints are tight. Covered, climate-controlled panel manufacturing protects lumber from being outdoors subject to swell and shrink from weather fluctuations.

Prefab framing allows for easy identification and resolution of potential issues with HVAC and electrical systems BEFORE panel delivery. This creates more efficiencies and fewer problems on the job site. Prefab methods result in a high-performance home that requires less energy to build and maintain over its life cycle.

The Stillwater concept and design met our standards for a house that will stand the test of time. I imagine that someday Stillwater homes will be desirable with the same force and effect as authentic mid-century modern homes are today. Stillwater homes are a piece of art. -Stillwater Homeowner

Prefab home quality and resale

As with any home, quality can vary from inexpensive to high-end. Stillwater Dwellings prefab homes occupy the luxury side of the market. Clients choose a Stillwater home because they can build a modern, custom-style home designed by a team of LEED-accredited architects for a lower cost for a similar home built using traditional methods. Other prefab builders may specialize in certain styles and design movements and offer different levels of quality. Another misconception is about resale value of a Stillwater: our prefab homes retain their value just like traditionally built homes, dollar for dollar.

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