The element of light is an important part of Stillwater architecture and plays a vital role in how our homeowners experience their space. Light marks the passage of time and provides perspective to a room. It creates an atmosphere and brings emotional value to a home. Even our mood and overall health are significantly affected by sunlight.

There are different ways Stillwater architecture embraces light and its role throughout our houses. Our designs simultaneously control it, filter it and reflect it to add interest and functionality to the spaces.

One of our first considerations when designing a home is its orientation on the site and its relation to the path of the sun. This is one of the components that influence the intensity and flow of light throughout the home.

Another design feature that controls the light in our homes is our cantilevered roof. The large overhangs filter out the harsh, direct light while letting the softer, ambient light filter through the clerestory windows.

Finally, skylights down the central spine are designed to open up and brighten the interior of the home. Walls are flooded with natural light creating an ideal space for a gallery of artwork.

Take a look at some of our favorite photos below that demonstrate how light impacts the visual aspects of a Stillwater home, making each its own unique space.

To see more photos of these homes, visit our Signature Series photo gallery here.

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