Finish Packages

The careful choice of finish materials is an important step in the home design process. Stillwater Dwellings simplifies the task by offering three Finish Packages to fit a range of preferences and budgets. Many Stillwater clients select a Finish Package, then personalize it by mixing and matching specifications. Our clients also have the option to replace any specific component (i.e. appliances, fixtures, etc.) with their own selections.

Modern Finish Package: Minimalist with modern roots. Clean and contemporary.

Natural Finish Package: Simple, warm and refined. Natural wood and light, airy colors.

Original Finish Package: Elegant and smart. A neutral palette with light wood.

Interior Design


Have a question about our interior design services? Reach out today and learn all you need to know about designing your new home's interior.

Stillwater Dwellings offers professional interior design services for those clients looking for additional assistance developing their interior. A well designed home is seamless from exterior to interior and our seasoned interior design expert can help you bring your personality to the space while maintaining the integrity of your Stillwater design. 

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