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Stillwater Dwellings Entry - Pricing a Prefab Home


$475-$700 per square foot

Your total project cost (not including landscaping) will be provided to you at the beginning of your project.

What's Included

• Stillwater Dwellings House

• Architect’s Fees

• Structural Engineering Fees

• Foundation Design

• Permit Coordination

• Prefabricated Components/ Hardware

• Estimated Builder's Costs

• Interior Finish Specifications

What Do I Save?

Our prefabricated homes can provide faster completion rates, fewer construction hours and reduced energy use and waste of materials. 

If you were to pay for a custom designed, stick built home of the same caliber, your costs could be 20-40% more.

Stillwater Dwellings outdoor living - Pricing Prefabricated House
Stillwater Dwellings Luxury Prefab - How much does it cost.

Signature Series Pricing

Total Project Cost $475-$700 per square foot

To understand the total costs to build a Stillwater Dwellings home, many variables must be considered.

1. Acquiring Land

First, you must purchase land on which to build your Stillwater Dwellings home. Our team will provide a free site analysis once you've decided on a site. If you're having difficulty finding land, read our "Finding Land" blog post.

2. Permitting & Surveying

Your site will need to be surveyed and building permits obtained. The costs of the permits will vary depending on your municipality. 

3. Stillwater House & Component Package Price 
$200-$350 per square foot

The base cost for a Stillwater Dwellings home and components range from $200 - $350 per square foot. The precise cost will depend on the Stillwater design you select, the finishes you choose, the amount of customization you require, and the cost of building materials at the time. The base price costs include:

• guidance through site permitting

• architectural modifications

• engineering
• prefabrication of the home

• delivery of the home to site location

4. Contractor Costs $275 - $350 per square foot

Once the Stillwater components have been delivered to the site, a contractor will assemble the home. The contractor will estimate the specific construction cost for your home. Costs can vary based on site conditions and geographic location. You may work with a Stillwater recommended contractor or select one of your own. 

5. Landscaping

Additional landscaping, pools, plants, stonework, etc. surrounding the home will be an additional cost.

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