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What Is Prefab?

The term “prefabricated home” or “prefab” refers to a home in which sections have been built in a factory and then shipped and assembled on site.

Understanding Panelized Prefabrication

There are three types of prefabricated homes. Manufactured (mobile homes), modular (pre-built, box-like structures), and panelized (pre-built panels). Stillwater Dwellings utilizes a panelized construction system. With a panelized building system, the home can be designed with the flexibility of a traditional, stick-built home, yet remain more economical like a modular home. Sections of the home are pre-built in 6’, 8’ or custom-sized panels in a climate controlled factory according to your home’s design specifications. They are then shipped flat on a truck to the site. Flat shipment allows us to access difficult sites such as slopes, narrow driveways or rough terrain.

Once the prefabricated parts are on site, your contractor will assemble the home. The contractor will receive full instructions, training and support from Stillwater Dwellings to ensure proper and precise assembly.


What Are The Benefits of A Prefab, Systems-Built House?

Quality: State-of-the-art technology produces the panels that are engineered to the highest quality, ensuring your home is built precisely square and dimensionally correct. Plus, your home’s panels are built to meet your local building code before they even leave the facility, even if your area has special requirements such as high winds, flooding, excessive snow loads or other considerations.

Customization:  While the components are built in a factory, there are many ways that they can be used in a design – offering a huge degree of customization of floor plans and finish options.


Precision: Using advanced MiTek technology, each panel is cut to measurements within 1/16th of an inch. Joints and seams are tight.


Predictable Price: Since we are able to measure precisely the amount of materials required to build your home, we can provide an accurate price at the time of fabrication.


Predictable Timing: Your new home’s panels are fabricated in 3-6 weeks. Once at the home site, the shell of a panelized home can is erected. 


Sustainability: Our systems-built approach reduces waste by up to 50% compared to traditional building methods. Additionally, all Stillwater prefab homes are highly insulated to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts. Our prefabricated homes require less deliveries which yields lower transport costs and a much less significant impact on the environment.  

Prefabricated Panels
Prefab Construction
Shipping and Building a Prefab Home
Prefabricated Manufacturing

The components of a systems-built home can be used across a variety of home designs within the style of home being built making it efficient and lowering overall costs versus building every piece from scratch on site. This method also allows us to ship nationwide Flat shipments enable us to access difficult sites such as slopes, narrow driveways or rough terrain.
Our panelized system offers the best of all worlds. You get a design you love, the way you want it, offering both precision and speed over more traditional building techniques.

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