Today and more than ever before, we’re searching for meaningful connections in many aspects of our lives, all of which intersect – home, work, community, and our relationship with the outdoors. For many, it has been a time for reflection on what home means, what it looks like, and how it functions to meet our lifestyle needs and in relation to its surroundings.

That’s why our Stillwater Connection Series could not come at a better time, and we are so pleased to announce this beautiful collection of modern homes that offers more design choices than ever before.

Stillwater Dwellings Connection Series

Desert, Coastal, and Mountain designs present a refined and restrained approach to regional residential architecture. Our architectural team embraced the concept of yin and yang, of bringing together two contrasting ideas in a way that creates a sense of wholeness when merged: inside and outside, communal spaces and places of refuge, and the larger connection of a built environment – a home – in relation to the physical world.

“Our singular focus is on building homes of exceptional quality and precision. As we expand our offerings nationwide, we will continue to offer the design flexibility and predictability in construction that have made us a customer favorite.” Kaveh Khatibloo, Co-CEO

Each architectural style offers a direct connection to its respective terrain through the balance of physical and aesthetic design features. Materials and color palettes for each home design complement its specific topography and allow it to take center stage. Wall-height windows bring the outdoors in and push what’s inside, outside. Main living areas and master bedrooms orient similarly to take advantage of natural light, views, and passive heating and cooling opportunities.

“The Stillwater Connection Series embraces outdoor living with a warm, modern design aesthetic that is efficient and adaptable. It is distinguished by intersecting roof planes, deep overhangs and large expanses of glass to showcase the views while providing privacy from neighbors. This design concept allows plans to be easily modified to fit unique sites, climates, and size constraints while retaining its signature elements and aesthetic.” Glenn Timmons, Creative Design Director

Coastal, Desert, and Mountain homes are specified with the finest materials and natural features to create a unique synergy between the indoors and outdoors. From high-quality wood, stone, metal, and glass, to natural design features including green roofs, exteriors create an elegant synergy with the surrounding environment. Interior selections including floors, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures beautifully blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, presenting an experience that places you front row and center in your own private landscape.

“The Stillwater experience is not a static building process but a true collaboration that brings a client’s vision for a home to life. Our attention to client service ensures that you are as central to the process as the architecture.” John Morgan, Co-CEO

The Stillwater Connection Series features our advanced, systems-built design-and-construction process and offers as much design flexibility as our Signature Series. Each floor plan may be adapted to each model and architectural style, presenting more choices than ever before. Additional elevation and floor plan details will be available soon, so be sure to register for our newsletter to be among the first to receive important news and announcements.

Please visit our new Stillwater Connection Series page to learn more. To schedule a free consultation and to discuss your specific project needs, please contact us at [email protected].

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