Confused about prefab pricing? You’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about how prefab homes are priced and what’s included in the components packages at Stillwater Dwellings. While we are as transparent as possible about our pricing structure, unfortunately, there really isn’t an industry standard when it comes to communicating project costs. Given the several types of prefab homes available – panelized, modular, and manufactured homes are the most common in the United States – and the pricing inconsistencies among their providers, it’s not surprising that many people are left scratching their heads with more questions than answers.

At Stillwater Dwellings, our home collections occupy the higher end of the prefab market. Luxury homes of similar quality and caliber that are site-built command price tags that are 20 to 40 percent more! Our talented LEED-accredited architectural team incorporates the most design-forward elements of the modern home movement to create luxury residences using a systems-built process that’s faster and more sustainable than similar traditionally built homes.

Some Thoughts on Price Per Square Foot

The real estate industry likes to talk about pricing in terms of square footage, so we include it here for frame of reference. A caveat about published per square foot pricing—more often than not, it provides an incomplete picture of the total project and/or real estate costs. Per square foot pricing only takes the home’s heated space into account, which translates to indoor livable space. Features like unfinished basements, covered outdoor living spaces, and large porches aren’t typically included in the per square foot price model, and they do contribute to the total cost of a home. The type of home site can also cause cost fluctuations. Steep or hilly terrain will increase the project’s engineering and site preparation fees. In some cases, home plans require considerable revisions to accommodate the site, which also increases costs.

Keeping these factors in mind, the total project price range for a completed Stillwater Dwellings luxury home is $475 to $700 per square foot, not including land acquisition. That said, we’re here to further demystify prefab pricing so you have a clear understanding of where your money goes, how much, and to whom during your custom build project. Let’s break it down below:

Stillwater Home and Component Package –

Signature Series: $200 to $300 per square foot

Connection Series: $225 to $325 per square foot

One of the refreshing things about our home design collections is their simplicity! Imagine trying to work with an architect or luxury custom home builder to estimate a site-built home of similar quality. It can be a long, time-consuming, and expensive process. We eliminate the stress and overwhelming task with a comprehensive selection of home plans to suit many requirements and preferences. Our designer-appointed finish packages take the guesswork out of your interior finishes with transparent pricing for each style. We’ll collaborate with you to marry your vision with a home plan that’s authentic to your lifestyle and custom to your land’s unique terrain.

What’s included in our home and components package price:

  • Guidance through your project’s site permitting process
  • Architectural modifications as needed
  • Engineering
  • Engineering and construction documents
  • Prefabrication of your home
  • Delivery of your home’s components to the home site
  • Interior finish specifications

Contractor Costs – $275 to $375 per square foot

Our homes are most often estimated by contractors at $275-$375 per square foot to construct. Our team will provide you with a recommended list of general contractors, or you are free to choose your own. Your preferred contractor will provide you specific construction costs for your new home which you will pay to them. We will transport and deliver your home’s components to the site and offer ongoing guidance to your contractor for streamlined assembly.

Where Cost Fluctuations Occur

As you’ve noticed, there is quite a range in pricing for a prefab home. That’s because several variables in the build stages can change depending on client preferences and site constraints. Structural modifications to an existing plan will require additional architectural work and engineering, which increases the project cost.

Another area with variance is during the selection of an interior finishes package. While each collection offers beautiful and appealing designer-selected features, we do offer our clients the flexibility to customize their space. Modifications to the pre-selected package will change the pricing depending on the edits made.

Additional Project Costs

There are a few items that fall outside of the scope of your home’s building and construction. Land costs will vary widely depending on parcel size, geographic location, and terrain. Permitting and surveying fees will also fluctuate from region to region, and our project managers can provide you with some budgetary estimates specific to your project’s location. Landscaping around the home also must be considered, which includes features such as driveways, hardscapes, trees, plants, shrubs, pools, and stonework.

Managing Costs

One way to maintain cost predictability is through the type of land you select for your home site. Flat terrain with quality soil and good drainage will reduce the need for extensive site work, plan customization, and re-engineering. Another consideration is to develop an infill site to take advantage of access to existing infrastructure and the neighborhood’s historical drainage patterns. An infill development, however, can come with its own unique set of challenges.

For those who desire to build and move into their new home as quickly as possible, Stillwater Dwellings Fast-Track Solutions are a great choice. Choose from among our most-popular home plans that come pre-engineered and with complete structural engineering and construction sets. Each Fast-Track home design comes with your choice of a pre-selected finish package. If no modifications are required, expect to reduce the build time by approximately six months and pricing by six percent.

Stillwater Dwellings is ready to help you create the luxury modern home you’ve always wanted that’s systems-built to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We’re here to answer your questions about prefab home design and construction, and to learn more about your project. Contact us today at 800-691-7302.

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